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Another word about our Burundian friends

Posted by Anonymous Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My friend Ruthie sent an email about the first day of school for our Burundian friends, Dismas, Samueli, and Immanueli. It's a beautiful story . .

morning all,

wanted to let everyone know that our boys had their first day of school yesterday. and it was amazing.

until sunday night, philip and i thought their first day was today so we weren't exactly prepared for starting yesterday. but God was so incredibly gracious and generous to us and our family. you'll have to ask philip for all the details. he could tell you story after story of God's kindness and provision. but i wanted to pass along a couple of highlights.

philip spent the entire day with the family. he took dismas to middle school first where he was warmly welcomed by the vice principal, a counselor and the ESL teacher, a woman named Jenny who goes to jacob's well! how crazy is that! they all said he had a very good first day!

then philip went and got donatella, samuel and emmanuel to take them to the grade school. when they got there they quickly (thanks to philip) met a couple from kenya named dowdy and jane who have 3 beautiful daughters, brenda, diana and daisy. philip says they were like angels. the dad, dowdy, who is a prof at KU med, was late to work helping get our 2 boys settled. and when he left them he gave them each big hugs like they were his own kids. and he had just met them. one of the girls diana is even in samuel's class. the teacher kindly put the two kid's desks together so that diana could help our samuel out.

after dropping the kids off, jane accompanied philip and donatella to the grocery store where she helped donatella with what ingredients to buy to make their traditional dishes. dowdy and the girls came over to the house last night and spent time answering questions about school, helping with paperwork and translating. their warmth and generousity were just amazing. and get this, they live 4 blocks away. seriously how amazing is that. oh and remember the african church that our family visited a couple of weeks ago - they go there too.

really, there are even more stories... but i'll save those for philip. just wanted to pass along what a great first day the boys had. and to let you know that dowdy, jane and the girls will be joining us for pizza on wednesday. wanted to let you know who these beautiful new friends are.


NPM said...

Glad to hear the transition is going well.