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Two Hysterical Duos

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, July 25, 2007

If I happen to be driving about while "Car Talk" airs on NPR, I am always certain to tune in to enjoy "Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers," aka Tom and Ray Magliozzi. Tonight I heard one of the most hysterical episodes ever, during which:

1-A woman called in to ask if it was her fault when, 15 years earlier, her father's car exploded because she masked the fact that it had been overheating on a previous road trip. They told her, yes, by all means it is completely her fault, then promptly got her dad on the phone and snitched her out.
2-A San Diego woman with an expensive beamer called in to ask if it was a serious problem that she confused a Mallox bottle for motor oil and poured half of it in her tank before realizing.

You can listen to that particular episode here.

If that gets you laughing, take a break before watching this. Scroll down to catch the clips of Travis and Jonathan's questions they entered for the CNN YouTube Presidential Debates. Props to NJ for revealing this funny little treasure on his blog.