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They're here!

Posted by Anonymous Friday, July 13, 2007

Meet my new friends from Burundi. The eldest son in front is Dismas, Samuel is on the left in the blue, Immanuel in the yellow, little Joel in front of them. Their mom is Donatelli, her husband Elias, and little one Issa.

Burundi had a civil war in 1973 and thousands have been refugees ever since. Most have been in camps in Tanzania.

This family speaks Kerundi and Swahili, not a word of English. But the kids immediately began to have fun with their new sunglasses and toys, and Elias was excited to find that his new house came fully loaded with a radio, on which he could play some African gospel cassettes he brought from home.

I could write forever about the emotions of complete joy and immense sorrow that I've experienced since beginning the journey of preparing for this family's arrival. I can't even imagine how they must feel and how long the road ahead. Nonetheless, I am so very glad they are here.


::Andrew:: said...

I'm curious to hear more on how you are going about communicating with your new friends. Language barriers and non-verbal communication are fascinating to me, and you just took a big dive into that pool. Keep sharing!

Doc Bombay said...

I hope the books get here in time!! I ordered them last weekend, so hopefully they'll get here within the next few days!! When I gets 'em, you're the first one on the docket. Although, I can only do it so fast...I refuse to rush the goodness involved in their creation!! And if I know you, and I think I do, you want all the goodness you can get your hands on!! I can't wait for them to get here...it's a series of Jesus books!! ON THE WAY!!

toby said...

Wow. I speak some Kiswahili. Do you need volunteers?