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Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mike King tagged me with this. The person who's "it" puts their iTunes/iPod on shuffle and blogs the first 15 songs that pop up. Here's mine:

1. Blue Light--Bloc Party, Silent Alarm
2. Mondlicht--Radio Citizen, Berlin Serengeti
3. Messenger--Tim Reynolds, Stream
4. California--Joni Mitchell, Dreamland
5. Pressed in a Book--The Shins, Oh, Inverted World
6. Weirdo--Miles Davis, Ballads & Blues
7. Jingle Bells--Sufjan Stevens, Peace! Songs for Christmas, Vol. V
8. Passenger Song--Great Lake Swimmers, Ongiara
9. Elizabeth, You Were Born To Play That Part--Ryan Adams, Live in Oslo, Norway 2006
10. Secret Heart--Feist, Let It Die
11. The Good, The Bad And The Queen--The Good, The Bad And The Queen, The Good, The Bad And The Queen (at least they're not redundant.)
12. Greeting Card Aisle--Sarah Harmer, All of our names
13. Saturday--Josh Rouse, Nashville
14. With or without you--U2, The Joshua Tree
15. Black--Pearl Jam, Ten

Not too bad of a showing. I tag Rachel Bonar.


rachel said...

oh my gosh i am the fastest blog gamer EVER. done.