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Posted by Anonymous Monday, June 18, 2007

In the past week or so, nearly every day something has come to my attention that has incurred the thought, "I should blog about that." But said blogging never occurred. So instead I'm going to get back on the train by making a list. Of stuff. No topic or purpose--just a list of whatever I want to have on my list.

1. A decision to spend my next four weeks absent from YouthFront Camp reminded me how much I absolutely adore it. Surely it's a good place. It has been for me for the past 12 summers!
2. My best friend Melissa graduated from nursing school. She must be real smart.
3. Saw Ocean's Thirteen twice.
4. Attended the Dragon Boat Festival at the Plaza--while it was excruciatingly small and slow compared to the real event in Hong Kong, it still brought about some good nostalgia.
5. The Culture House is pretty amazing.
6. Surprisingly, I'm quite enjoying Anna Karenina by Tolstoy.
7. Turned the aircon on last weekend.
8. Got a postcard from John Raux.
9. Acquired Ryan Adams' new album 2 weeks before it's release date, thanks to Michael Shawley.
10. The San Antonio Spurs won the championship. I actually don't care about the NBA very much, but when I was little my favorite team was the Chicago Bulls (the Michael Jordan era) and my second favorite team was the Spurs (The David Robinson era).
11. I wish Michelle would come back from China.
12. Mike Crawford debuted a ca-razy new song at church called "God I wait." It was written by Agents of Future.
13. I'm deep into the third season of the West Wing.
14. I'd like to reinstate common usage of the following phrases, "What on earth?"; "I do declare"; "How do you do?" ; and "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!". I'd like for you to comment with any other suggestions of all too unused phrases of old and/or of childhood.

Now, please refer to list item #4.

Above: The KC version of Chinese Dragon Boat races (photo courtesy of the KC Star).
Below: The Hong Kong version. You may be able to tell that there's a slight difference. Slight.


Sarah said...

"good heavens to besty" I said it alot in Colorado and it always makes people giggle. :)

::Andrew:: said...

"whah the fahhhh??"

usually uttered in response to someone saying they have the new ryan adams two weeks early.