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Interwoven Threads

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, June 09, 2007

A good friend of mine recently launched a company called Interwoven Threads that I totally support. I'd love for you to check it out. Here's a message from him:

Thanks to a brand-spankin' new website, you and yours now can buy Interwoven Threads online. Simple as throwing down some plastic, and waiting by the mailbox. Check it out. We're getting ready to launch a new shirt as well, more on that soon.

Shirts have already been donated (and distributed) to reStart this spring, but they've already given them all away. I'd love to get another round of donations to this great organization at the start of the
summer, so tell your friends to check us out and buy some threads if they dig'em.

Please help spread the word if you can. As always, if you're in the KC area and want to avoid shipping/handling, just let me know. We can meet up and make the exchange the old fashioned way.

Look good, do better.


Here's the two designs Interwoven is currently offering. They are a great shirt, great fit--and good for the community! Feel free to order through me if you'd like to avoid the shipping fees, we'll make it happen.


rachel said...

moe, i like you.

Marlies said...

I love this idea. one question, where are the t-shirts made?