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Another leash incident

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, June 24, 2007

Remember my story about the iguana on a leash? Well, my folks just returned from a Harley-cruising trip in New Mexico, and ended up with this gem of a photo.

Evidently, this cat is leashed to the dog, which is unleashed. My mom described it this way: "We stopped for lunch in downtown Santa Fe, saw this guy with the dog dragging the cat which was on a leash attached to the dog. The cat really was resisting mightily, but the guy scolded the cat and told him to get back up on the dog and away they went. Lots of crazy stuff like that in Santa Fe."

'Nuff said.

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In other news, I was at JP Wine Bar Saturday, only to find that they're closing for two weeks in order to reopen with a fully expanded kitchen! So let the countdown begin. If their full meals are anything like their "small plates," then we'll all be in heaven.


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