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Evan Almighty & thoughts on the triple-dub.

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, June 28, 2007

Today I caught the flick Evan Almighty with a few of my cool middle school friends at Jacob's Well. It's somewhat of a sequel to Bruce Almighty.
The film is hysterical, both with slapstick humor and funny yet intelligent political undertones. Steve Carrell of The Office does a brilliant job playing modern-day Noah, and once again Morgan Freeman causes one to wonder if he is not, in fact, God. Mike King gives a great review of it on his blog. My expectations were actually quite low, but as it were it was a great film and I highly recommend it!

Regarding entertainment, I've had some thoughts about the Internet (or the worldwide Inter-web, as Tracy Morgan calls it on 30 Rock). The thoughts began when I was forced to use a phone book last week because I didn't have my computer. However, it took me a few hours of mulling over how in the world I would solve the problem at hand without internet access. Duh. Then, I closed down my Myspace page in order to decrease my internet identities to only 6 (Facebook, 2 blogs, 3 email addresses). Then, after observing some mean comments on a blog I know, Nate shared with me a post that Brian McLaren wrote here on the God's Politics blog, which I very much appreciated.

So, why not add irony to my inter-web perplexity by blogging about it. Thoughts?

With that, it felt pretty good to write John Raux a hand-written letter while he's hiking the West Coast. He writes letters and paints watercolors while on the trail, mails them to a friend who posts them on his website for all the world to see. I like that balance. Here's one of John's early watercolors. He's now hiked from the border of Mexico to Yosemite, CA.


Marlies said...

I tried finding you on myspace today! blast. you've disappeared. completely understand what you're saying though. I struggle with the phonebook and have a hard time finding out any information w.o the internet. kinda scary. almost Matrix-like. um, I better get off the internet now.