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Make it happen, G8! (And a story about a rainbow and a scorpion.)

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, May 31, 2007

Next week is the G8 Summit, at which there are high hopes for increases in support for assistance to Africa, not to mention climate change and global warming, which Bush spoke about today.

Tony Blair just gave a speech in South Africa in preparation for the Summit. I like what he had to say:

"Wealthy nations and Africa both face a choice ... Our challenge is to support the good. Africa's challenge is to eliminate the bad," Blair said in the speech.

"Next week at the G8 (Group of Eight) Summit, leaders will show whether, having put Africa at the top of the global agenda, we have the perseverance and vision to see it through. I hope we have," the outgoing British leader said.


On a slightly different topic, last night at YouthFront Camp South, we dedicated our new Prayer Chapel. This beautiful permanent building originated from a temporary prayer tent, and was built primarily by two YF staff members Fletch Kelly and Dan Earl. It was fairly emotional because it was so highly anticipated and divinely ordained. It was sealed, after the rain, by the biggest, clearest, fullest rainbow I've ever seen in my life. Cool.The beautiful new prayer chapel at YF Camp South. The front wall which appears to be unfinished will ultimately be covered in rocks that individuals who use the chapel will offer as a symbol of their time there.

Later that evening, back at YouthFront Camp West, I encountered a scorpion outside my apartment door.

Okay, it was really dark and turns out it was a crawfish. But what in the heck is a crawfish doing so far away from a body of water? A scorpion would make a lot more sense.


Sarah said...

oh my goodness. I would have felt bad if it was a scorpion, like maybe you had gotten my bad luck! :) Good thoughts on the G8 summit. Dave and I were actually discussing hybrid cars recently, and ideas to encourage more sales. :)