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KC Food Stamp Challenge

Posted by Anonymous Friday, May 25, 2007

Check out what Harvesters here in Kansas City is doing for Hunger Awareness Week June 2-10.

Food Stamp Challenge!


Amy Hocking said...

I checked out the website on this and then i looked at the recipes offered. I was a little disillusioned by this campaign while looking at the recipes offered, none of those are possible on a food stamps budget.

Our government primarily subsidizes corn and soybean production--stuff that fills highly processed foods--thus these are the foods that are made more affordable. A family that lives on food stamps cannot afford to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat for every meal let alone each day--these are the most expensive items in the store. This should be presented as the reality of this food stamps challenge.

Anonymous said...

Really good point, amy. The recipes seem more fancy than simple--but maybe they make a lot of servings since they're things like tacos and soup and such. Interesting, though. Nonetheless, I hope the challenge in and of itself will be a good exercise for many.