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Barack O-Rama!. . .and an iguana on a leash.

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, May 12, 2007

Today I attended the Kansas City Kick-Off of Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign. About 7 years ago, I attended George W. Bush's visit to Springfield, MO. The coolest parts were that the Oak Ridge Boys were the opening act, and the location was the Springfield Airport, so the Bush-Cheney 2000 plane landed right in front of us. Nice effect.
All that to say, this time around the candidate himself was the cool part. Barack was pretty impressive. While I took everything he said with a grain of salt and refrained from getting too psyched about it, there were a few moments where I couldn't help but smile and break into applause. At one point, he was listing various issues that he hopes to change, and while the audience gave average applause after each, the moment he said "Stop the genocide in Darfur," the crowd went wild! I was encouraged to hear that of all the things like gas prices, education, and health care, the thing that everyone was most ecstatic about was helping people in Africa. Finally, I was pleased when he said, "I am confident in my capacity to lead this country." It stuck out to me simply because of the bad rap he gets for his lack of experience. So, it was a great event and I am glad to support his campaign for now. (We forgot a camera, but I found the above photo on the inter-web that I thought would be more entertaining anyway.) Props to my friend Andy for joining me and finding the best parking spot in downtown Kansas City.

To top that, tonight I was sitting on the porch with my housemates Amy & Glenn, and a man came walking down the street with a small iguana on a leash. I kid you not. It was so small, that from a distance we thought he was walking nothing. Glenn went out to chat with him for a minute, and the moment Iguana-guy took off, from the opposite direction came two elderly Eastern European women who immediately began asking Glenn twenty questions about his cat. This woman wouldn't let up! It was the most bizarre 5 minutes worth of neighborhood encounters I've ever seen. Amy & I just sat on the porch and giggled as we listened to these ridiculous and wonderful conversations. I will always love this neighborhood.

Today I've been listening to a great album by The Good, the Bad, and the Queen. My friend Ian saw them at SXSW and said it was the best performance he saw, which says a lot for that festival! Still reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy.


eric said...


I'll have pix up at my blog pretty soon, if people want to mosy over (erichurst.com)

Andy Woolard said...

Yeah, the speech Baracked. Hard. and you know what else Baracked? My parking place.

Michelle said...

me and momma for obama. for now anyhoo.