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South Africa running out of burial plots

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's baffling to think of all the seemingly menial issues that are greatly affected by poverty and pandemic. Read this article on CNN.com. Things I would never think of. . .

Yesterday I got in on a visit to Missouri Senator Kit Bond's office to express the need for him to support budget increases for foreign aid to the developing world as well as for preventative measures for avian flu/H5N1. This is a potential epidemic that it seems the Western world has forgotten about or assumed that it is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, we are quite wrong and the disease is spreading in several countries in Africa, Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Here's the World Health Organization's latest information, including the most recent human deaths.

I know we have plenty of global emergencies to worry about, but until yesterday I had forgotten about that one.

And now for some good news.


nick pickrell said...

WOAH!!! why don't you tell me about these things? you crazy!

Anonymous said...

I did tell you. just now, see?