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Harleys, Dallas, and a to-do list

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, April 29, 2007

Today I cruised out to Leavenworth to chill with the folks for a few hours. For the first time since my parents bought a brand new Harley Davidson, my visit coincided with nice weather and helmet availability. Consequently, I couldn't say no when my dad offered a ride, even though I wanted to (for fear of my life.) I tried to play the "I'm wearing a dress" card, but Dad immediately pulled out a pair of jeans he had stashed somewhere that miraculously fit me, and looked quite fashionable underneath my dress. So, I made it out alive and Papa San, as I often call him, was a very safe driver. Fast, but safe.

In other news, tomorrow I'm going to Dallas to visit my dearest friends who I lived with in Hong Kong. A triumphant reunion, for sure.

Meanwhile, I'm reading Chasing Francis by Ian Morgan Cron and listening to Adapt or Die: Remixes by Everything But the Girl.

To-Do List:
-Look at the moon through high-powered binoculars.
-Write John Raux a letter.
-Listen to worship music in that moment when you really want to listen to Ryan Adams.
-Watch the tea water boil.
-Go to a restaurant you've never been to before instead of Ol' Standby.
-Buy a plane ticket.
-Pray for someone.
-Contact a distant family member just to tell them what you've been up to.
-Sign off of g-chat and get some work done.
-Make someone cookies. Then leave them on their doorstep.
-Sit on your front porch before you go to bed.
-Don't forget to breathe.


Andy said...

I love every bit of this post.