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Vintage modeling & the Ice Cream Man

Posted by Anonymous Tuesday, March 06, 2007

1. Last weekend I had the great privilege of being a model of sorts for my hair stylist, Rusty. On First Fridays, he often chooses a theme and he and his stylists deck out their models from head to toe. This time: Vintage 50s! While it wasn't quite as breathtaking, if you will, as the tree nymph (see previous post), it was still pretty ca-razy.

2. This morning I was driving down Admiral Blvd, headed to work, and passed the Ice Cream Man at 830am. While many might find this perplexing, I didn't think twice, as in my neighborhood in Old Northeast, it is quite common to see the Ice Cream Truck at all hours of the day and night, rain or shine, snow or sleet. However, every once in a while I wonder to myself, what exactly is the Ice Cream Man doing in his Ice Cream Truck at 830am? More often, my question comes when I see him drive down my street at 11pm. Does Mr. Ice Cream have a side job--perhaps another substance that he sells out of that truck? Does he sell ice cream at all? Or. . .what's worse. . . that he's selling narcotics-laced bomb pops to my sweet neighborhood kids?! Quite peculiar, if I may say so myself.
On the other hand, it would be pretty awesome if any given person drove an ice cream truck as their only mode of transportation. In fact, I think if my friend John Raux ever owns a vehicle, it will probably be an ice cream truck.

3. I've been listening to a lot of G-R-E-A-T new (to me) music lately! Including Of Montreal, Anathallo, Great Lake Swimmers, Cat Power, Broken Social Scene and more! Check 'em out on myspace sometime.

4. Finally, this weekend I'm headed to Springfield, MO to hear the President of Ethiopia speak at an Ethiopian Poverty Relief Summit. Compliments of my dear friend Sesha Shannon and Convey Studios! I'll have a full update on that event next week.



Andy Woolard said...

who recommended great lake swimmers...that's some darn good taste. i'm actually glad you are calling me out on my issue with the ocean - i was getting hate e-mail regarding the beatles rant.

Aaron said...

Cat Power is definitely a new favorite of mine as well!