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St. Patrick's Day in KC; an anomaly?

Posted by Anonymous Friday, March 16, 2007

Pre-rant disclaimer: I am aware that very few holidays that we observe in the USA are celebrated in a way that honors the original purpose of said celebration, such as Christmas or, in a backwards way, Halloween.

That said, I am annually baffled by St. Patrick's Day in Kansas City. Perhaps my confusion rises from the fact that it's not an official US holiday, but rather the celebration of another land. Additionally, I've heard it said that KC has one of the largest St. Pat's celebrations among US cities. Fair enough, but I'm fascinated nonetheless.

A few noteworthy events:

This morning, I was headed to Broadway Cafe at 9am to hang with Michelle, but couldn't find a place to park because half of Westport seemed to be under construction in preparation for the big event on March 17. Then, as I purchased my tall black coffee-of-the-day and cream cheese muffin (a recommendation from Nathan that I'm ever thankful for), I read a sign, "St. Patrick's Day Hours: Broadway Cafe will be open from 8am-NOON." NOON?! On a SATURDAY?

Last year, several friends and I went to the St. Patrick's Day brunch at a little place my friend Nate refers to as "'Ol Standby," aka McCoy's. Everyone was so into their beers at 9 in the morning that when we asked for coffee, the waiter actually seemed a bit taken aback. Rightly so, as they actually had to brew coffee for us because it apparently hadn't been requested yet that morning.

Now, most of you know that I by no means am opposed to beer. And if you really want to drink beer at 9am, that's fine with me. But don't look at me like I'm a complete fool for wanting coffee.

The best part: St. Patrick's Day is the celebration of a well-known BRITISH saint in the Christian faith who was responsible for bringing Christianity to Ireland. Cheers to that, eh?

So I don't know if the way KC celebrates this wonderful holiday of our faith is an anomaly, but it does cause a bit of bewilderment on my part.

Still, tomorrow you'll find me with a Guinness Extra Stout in hand, but not until after 7pm (and most likely I will not be thinking about the great faith of St. Patrick).


nick pickrell said...

moe! good call on the st. patrick's day conundrum. and i scrolled down to read your other posts and was delighted as i saw your great 50's vintage pictures once more. incredible!

NJ said...

Wow - what a post!!! Links to two Nathans! That's gotta be a first. God's gift indeed!!!

aaron said...

lovely commentary. For some reason St. Patties Day resonates in my mind as something to look forward to. Maybe it's because I enjoy anything that mixes great faith in God with great beer.

beth said...
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beth said...

i don't join in the kc way of celebrating Saint Patrick - but the day is my favourite holiday.

i was kind of confused by your BRITISH saint deal. seemed like a reference to the whole England-Ireland issue - when actually Patrick was from Scotland (totally different than England!!) and had been taken as a slave by Irish raiders - who he eventually ran away from and then returned to share the Gospel. sorry...i love this story. :)

anyway - cheers.