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I thought Spring was here

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, March 01, 2007

Last night I considered the incredible thunderstorm that raged for hours. To me, thunderstorms are a phenomenon that, though it hasn't been very long since our last, the first one of the Spring feels entirely new, as if I've never experienced one before. Seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder is powerful as if for the first time. It is a powerful calm, a destructive beauty that resounds in my soul with more strength and significance than the whitest of snowstorms. Thunderstorms are my midwestern ocean, my local South China Sea harbour. They create an inner reflection that resounds without words. As I contemplate in its midst, I feel I can't even pray or think aloud. I am in a Presence that is overwhelming. In this season of the soul and of the weather, the thunder relieves me, and in all the truth of symbolism releases me to the earth and washes me clean. Dust to dust.

Then today it snowed. So much for Spring.

In other news:
I went to Chicago with Rachel, Michelle, and Michaela to see our dearest friends Matt and Courtney. It went a little something like this:
1. Matt's dance performance that he created media and sound for, as well as danced in. Brilliant!
2. Pink Hibiscus pancakes
3. H&M
4. Michelle and Michaela went to "Body World", but I thought I might barf so opted out. Heard it was sweet, though.
5. Giordano's
6. Ice storm! But it didn't stop us, because we had one more stop (which happened to be a 20 minute walk from the nearest subway station):
7. Algerian crepes
8. More ice storm!
9. Trader Joe's
10. Church

That about sums it up, sins the wonderful conversations and tons of laughing. Okay, okay..and a little dancing in the living room.

Since then, I saw the film "Amazing Grace," pretty impressive and I recommend it. We reviewed it on our upcoming YouthFront Podcast which should be released in a few days. I took the GRE, on which I hopefully did well enough. Tomorrow I'll be continuing my career as a fashion model at Belle Epoque for First Friday. Come on over and say hello. Here's what my stylist, Rusty, did last time. Now would you want to miss that? (Bring it on, Tyra!)


aaron mitchum said...

Moe, I had never seen pics from your last "fashion show", very interesting! I am with you on the rain storms. They are my West Coast Storm Swells. And thinking on storms has made Spring move up in my favorite Season list.