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Freddy the Animated Chinese Weather Man

Posted by Anonymous Friday, March 23, 2007

Today I had the day off, due to some extra hours that will be put in on the weekend. I took the opportunity to go for a leisurely midday run around the neighborhood instead of at the gym, and was nearly stopped in my tracks at one point with a wave of severe nostalgia. (Yes, I'm talking Hong Kong nostalgia, as always. I know, I know..you've heard it, but I can't help myself. And yes, I'll get to the animated weather man, just stick with me. . )

I was trekking along the "Scenic Byway" that runs just north of my house along the ridge that overlooks the East Bottoms. The humidity: 75%. The temperature: 65 degrees. (Can someone tell me how to type the degree symbol?) The scenery: a long windy road, (small) cliffs on my left, through trees overlooking landscape on my right.
In my mind, that factory district became the Discovery Bay Harbour, lined with Western style condos, and suddenly I was on my jogging route in Hong Kong. While 65 degrees reflected a cool winter day in Hong Kong, as opposed to a warm Spring day in the midwest, the humid air and distant noise took me there nonetheless.

Today in Hong Kong the temperature is 72 (22 celsius, of course) with a relative humidity of 82%. A lovely, cool, comparably un-humid day. Wish I was there. Here's a pic of my ferry that I took to and from home and work each day.

Which brings me to my next point. Thinking about this reminded me of one of my favorite things about the weather in Hong Kong--the evening forecast on TVB Pearl. Here's a blip from Wikipedia about Freddy the animated weatherman:

"A yellow-suited, pink-faced weatherman on TVB's nightly forecast, Freddy's various talents include getting zapped in the behind by lightning and sunrays, being blown from the frame by wind, whistling and incessantly murmuring Ooooh and Aaaah.

Freddy is only seen giving the next day's forecast; the rest of the weather forecast is read by an actual human presenter.

Freddy may have changed little over the years, but the skyline behind him is regularly updated to keep abreast of the ever-changing Chinese city. It appears as if he is walking on the water surface of Victoria Harbour."

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate a photo of Freddy. Instead, just imagine me rushing into the living room of my 600 sq. foot Hong Kong apartment at 6pm to turn on the English-spoken local news so I could catch a glimpse of a little animated man getting struck by lightning and turning to ash. You better believe I'd have my umbrella with me the next morning.

In other news, last night I had the privilege of hearing Becky Bliss & Nathan Cook play at JP. I've been enjoying their tunes for quite some time, and they sounded great playing each others' songs together. Nathan's EP comes out April 4. Currently listening to some live Ryan Adam's shows I found on the web. Currently reading "Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer, upon the recommendation of my friend Andy, thanks to whom I will soon be "currently watching" The West Wing, Season 2. So I better get on to my day off. . .have a great weekend!


lou ann said...

Hey there.......to type the degree sign, just hit your ALT key and 0176 on your keypad. The ° will pop right up! I also tried to find your little guy on the internet, got to the TV station, but then fried my internet connection trying to translate it. 1 more hour of lost time getting myself back to normal..
Love, MOM

Andy Woolard said...

Those memories of living abroad are fierce. I totally relate. Smells, even the way the sky is cast can trigger great memories for me.

I'm actually ready to saddle up and ride to Hi-Hat to read the Krakauer book you lent me.


beth said...

i second you & andy on the -outofnowhere- reminders of wonderfully familiar foreign places. ah.

and i am dying to see this pink-faced man in the yellow suit!