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Festival of Faith and Music Part I

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm currently in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Music. Within a few days I'll post a full report complete with photographs of the AMAZING concerts we've experienced, but until then, I'll give you a few from my list of "things to think about" since the festival began.

1. Music, art, and cultures (as in ethnicities)--how music and art is integrated between different ethnic cultures, both within the US and internationally.
2. The following statement made by Steve Stockman, author of "Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2" a book which had a significant impact on my perspective: "If grace is going to interrupt our world, art is going to have to fire our imaginations."
3. The connection between rock music and social justice/theology (e.g. Live Aid, etc.)
4. Why do I make art? For the sake of a calling to participate in God's creation? Or to make a product that will get people's attention? Is one or the other better or worse?
5. The following statement made by Sufjan Stevens in this morning's "lecture": "Relevance is guided by the desperate goals of ego."

What do you think?

That barely scratches the surface of the great conversations and insights we've been a part of in the past 36 hours. Last night was a mind-blowing concert by Anathallo and Sufjan Stevens, and tonight I'm bracing myself for Neko Case and Emmylou Harris. I'll be back with part II and photos in a few days. Have a great weekend!


Shasa said...

I met a couple of the guys from Anathallo at Cornerstone Festival 2001 playing in a pre-Anathallo band. I had bootleg recorded that band's set and one of the members found me online and contacted me to get a copy. I then slowly began to learn that God put some really talented musicians up in Michigan (e.g., Sufjan, Anathallo) and a friend of theirs who transplanted from Michigan to Chicago a few years ago highly suggested I travel up there for an annual Festival of Faith & Music (but flaked out on traveling with me just before the event, and I didn't want to drive there alone).

Reading your blog helped me to know more about the festival experience. I feel a li'l more inspired to drive up there alone from Chicago in 2009. ;)


May grace and peace and health be with you,
S h a s a