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February so far. . .

Posted by Anonymous Monday, February 19, 2007

February has been difficult thus far. However, one of it's brightest moments was on February 10 when myself and Sarah Pierce found ourselves dancing the night away in giant heart-shaped sunglasses at "Love-A-Thon '07". Enough said.
Patty Griffin's album came out and it's been good for my soul. I love "Burgundy Shoes," especially as the cold wave ceases and today we can feel that spring is upon us. The album is really diverse with traces of blues, jazz, as well as her original folk sound. There's a few good crying songs, but also a few to get up and dance to which isn't common among her previous albums.
At Jacob's Well, Tim Keel has just wrapped up a three week series on Repentance, Forgiveness, and how to bless your enemies. It's had me laid out for weeks and I'm glad it's over, while it was quite climactic for me relationally and spiritually.
Finally, this weekend I'm headed to the grand city of Chicago with Michelle, Rachel, and Michaela, to visit Matt Pierce and see a dance and media performance that he has both created and is performing in. I'm looking forward to the weekend to breathe some life into me. And to fill me with Giordano's original deep dish pizza.


michelle said...

glad to know moe b/c:
- those heart glasses are hot.
- you get me to go to chicago.
- in february, you have to name your assets because other stuff can get messy. like dar says.
- who else could i trade hosting february b-day events with?