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Watching TV in Bolivar

Posted by Anonymous Monday, January 08, 2007

Last weekend I spent a few days with some of my best life friends who live in Bolivar, Missouri. What's funny is we spent a good six straight hours of our time together in front of the television. Three hours=Chiefs game (embarassing), however it was made much more lively by my best friend Melissa playing her own score for each play on the piano as the game went along. One hour=PBS documentary about the "Scablands" in the NorthWest US. As it were, these incredible rock and land formations were made over the course of less than 24 hours, when many would think it took thousands of years to form. Final hour=Damien Marley live on Austin City Limits. Now I saw Damien Marley this past summer when he opened for Ben Harper here in Kansas City. This too was an educational experience, as I learned, via Nathan & Kerry, that they wave the flag of Ethiopia (instead of their homeland of Jamaica) because Ethiopia is the Zion of Rastafarianism--it's where their Messiah hails from. Or something like that. Isn't that fascinating? So yeah--that's only five hours. There was another hour pre-game that I won't mention what we watched--one, because I'm not sure what the hell it was, and two, because if I did I think I'd be embarassed. In that regard, the Chiefs saved the day.
In addition to all the TV watching, I should mention that we had a picnic at the Stockton Lake cliffs. A picnic. On January 6. Outside. It was warm. January 6. Who knew (Al Gore)?
Then there was Sunday--lots of being at church, but it was refreshingly good and not exhausting. Then there was Monday--one long headache (literally), that closed with a strong ONE Campaign meeting, my book club girls, and a Miller Howell show, debuting some new tunes. Love it.
On to Tuesday now, as it were. . . .