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Posted by Anonymous Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm in a severe state of really wanting to be in Hong Kong right now. Maybe Chinese New Year is getting to me. Or maybe I'll always feel this way--aiyaa! So if I speak to you in Chinese or make a random trip to Chicago just so I can ride the subway, then just smile and nod and say, "You must miss Hong Kong."
That said, it's time for an HK list!
1. Chinese New Year fireworks--best display I've ever seen.
2. The DB ferry at Pier 4
3. Octopus card
4. Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill for "Pancake Saturday"
5. Detoxing from the city at the end of the day..on the beach.
6. Getting lost in the wet market in Wanchai
7. Spending too much money on cabs
8. "Hey miss, you want designer handbag? You want tailored suit?"=Tsim Sha Tsui (Chim-saw-chooey)
9. Dim Sum=unrecognizable bite-size foods at a round table
10. the M590 citibus from Central to Wong Chuk Hang (which took me nearly 8 months to learn how to properly pronounce/emphasize)


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Mom said...

I totally DO know how you feel - your list made me nostalgic also and I was only there 10 days! Hey - I read in the paper there's a great dim sum restaurant in shawnee mission somewhere - do you know of it? LET'S GO!!

Kobosky262 said...

'mm goi sai' my friend! We need to talk! Love you.