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Chicago, Christmas, and 2007 to-do list.

Posted by Anonymous Monday, January 01, 2007

The end of a year always feels a bit strange, and by strange I think I mean anti-climactic. Two years ago now, I was in Hong Kong where the new year is dull considering that everyone's really waiting for the Chinese New Year a month later. Last year, I found myself on the 16th street mall in Denver, CO, feeling bushed after 3 days of skiing at Keystone. But this year, the close of 2006, was the New Year of New Years! It's as if there's something new coming on. Even on New Year's Eve (day) itself, I found my circumstances falling into place that spoke a message of closure to me. As I sat at Jacob's Well that evening, singing the lyric "All things work together through You," I knew that God had set things in motion for me to seal 2006 and start the new year afresh. (Not to mention the amazing friends (and dance music) I spent my evening with, as well as the excitement of the KC Chiefs success of the day.)
With that, here's some photos from my pre-Christmas trip to Chicago to hang out with my dear friend Matt Pierce.
And coming out of 2006, here's my John Raux inspired t0-do list for you:

Watch the following films, and at least one of them alone:
The Pursuit of Happyness
The Good Shepherd

Buy the latest album by the following artists, and at least one of them buy the actual CD instead of downloading from iTunes:
Justin Timberlake
Ray Lamontagne
Paul Simon

Go to Chicago
Go to New York
Go to the WWI museum

Visit friends that have newborn babies.

Hang out with married people.
Hang out with single people.

Drive around the airport for no reason.

Start a savings account, even if you can only put $10 in it.

Set new years resolutions that don't include losing weight, saving money, or changing a character trait (but set those too).

Peace out, 2006, I won't miss you. Happy New Year!