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Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So I'm sitting in on a class at KU Edwards called "Gender and Politics in Africa." Our first assignment was to read "And They Didn't Die" by Lauretta Ngcobo. It is a novel set in the rural areas of South Africa during Apartheid and gives a lot of insight (with a great plot) to that history. As I'm learning more about these issues, I'm also reading "And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic" which is a story of the progression of AIDS in the US and "How Soccer Explains the World," a summary of the effects of soccer on globalisation--really fascinating. After those, I'll be reading "Saturday" by Ian McEwan, an unrelated novel, for my book club that meets every other Monday.

How about some new music? I'm hooked on this singer-songwriter out of NYC named Becky Bliss--she reminds me of Patty Griffin. You can find her on myspace. Speaking of Patty, her new album comes out February 6--it's been a long draught since her last album, but it was good enough to hold me over this entire time. I've also been enjoying Willie Nelson's latest entitled "Songbird" which was produced by Ryan Adams.

That's all for now--you have any books or new albums for me?


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