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Posted by Anonymous Monday, December 11, 2006

Yesterday was the second Sunday of Advent. At Jacob's Well, Tim Keel is spending his Advent sermons speaking about preparing our hearts for Christ's arrival at Christmas. Last week, he opened his sermon with the following statement, "80% of us will miss Christ this season." While those words were a bit jarring, they rang truly realistic. We will spend these weeks so busy preparing for life and events and holidays, missing the One we love and follow. Already, I have looked at my month ahead and already past--I'm spending my time preparing to be out of town the week before Christmas, to have family to my home on Christmas Eve, to farewell to departing companions, to make a few significant life decisions before 2007. Yet, how will I invite Jesus into that? It seems so simple--a lesson I've learned a hundred times (or at least once a year). But in all of this, will I truly ask Him to be my Balance in the busy schedule? To be my Compassion in those goodbyes? To be my Wisdom in those transitions?
I'd like to think so.
Yet, it's already the second week of Advent, and I am still only just thinking about it.