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The night before the ice came

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Last night, after arriving home from a late (and incredibly bizarre) movie with my roommate Meegan, I took a cup of hot jasmine tea to the front porch. It was the last night that I would be able to enjoy the warm weather before the arrival of a cold front and ice storm that would bring Winter to the midwest (according to Gary Lezak).
With the taste of my tea, which I bought at the Chinatown market down the street, reminding me of so many meals at local dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong, I felt like my senses were fully aware. The smell was that of the strange odor that the railroads produce (can someone please explain this to me?), which I generally describe as burning potatoes, which hits our neighborhood with a potent strength whenever the breeze brings it. The sound was from the same source--trains blasting from a few miles away, yet seeming loud enough to be just across the street. I didn't notice the sounds of sirens, but I'm sure they were present. My view was, the background: the yellow city-lit sky, always brighter at midnight than I think the city lights will make it. The foreground: the affectionately termed "Doll House" across the street, deemed by its owners as "Garfield Heights," complete with giant lit Christmas candle in the upstairs window. Later, entering the foreground came three neighbors, emerging from the apartment complex across the street. One of the women took a seat in a plastic chair while another proceeded in giving her a haircut and weaving hot pink extensions into her hair--this is not what I expected to see in my neighborhood at midnight, but it was a pleasant surprise. The night was just as I needed it.

Somehow I observed all this so deeply, without my mind going to the other things of life.

Then, today the ice came.


Aaron and Page said...

man I really love cold weather too!