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Land Reclamation of Victoria Harbour

Posted by Anonymous Friday, November 10, 2006

In Hong Kong there is a small harbour, Victoria Harbour, that separates the part of the country attached to the Mainland, Kowloon, from the small island known as "Hong Kong Island". Every once in a while, they decide that they need more space to build some skyscrapers, but they don't have any more land--so they fill in part of the harbour with land in order to build where there was once water. It's quite a controversy there, and pretty sad to watch the harbour cut down in size over years.
Photo 1: Victoria Harbour in the 1940s
Photo 2: Victoria Harbour in 2005 (see that really tall building right in the center? That's IFC2 Tower, which was not there when I resided in HK in early 2003. By the time I came back late 2004, it was completely constructed, land reclamation and all.)
Photo 3: The golden clock tower in this photo is about to be demolished in order to reclaim the surrounding harbour area.

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moesMom said...

thanks for putting this up - I found it interesting and it is amazing that they can tear down those great landmarks like that, for more financially lucrative buildings. too bad, but I'm glad I got to see it before it went down!

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