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1. A funny thing about Christmas season: Every where in the world, Christmas decorations include winter apparel, snowman, snowflakes, and other wintery concepts. Locations that have never seen snow in their history like Florida or Hong Kong still decorate with snow everywhere. When I consider snowy Christmas decor, it's simply because where I live, it tends to snow during the Christmas season (or used to anyway). So I find it funny that places that logically should have no association of snow and Christmas still go for it anyway.

2. A few weeks ago I saw Regina Spektor live in concert, I can't believe I never blogged about it. She's brilliant--her most entertaining piece was "Poor Little Rich Boy" where she simultaneously sang while playing the piano with her left hand and beating a chair with a drumstick in her right hand--not an easy rhythm. On Monday I'm headed to Lawrence to see My Brightest Diamond, who I previously saw as an opener for Sufjan Stevens.

3. I pride myself in being a good speller. However, the single word that I will, without fail, misspell every single time I write it is "rhythym. rhthym. rythym. rythm." R-H-Y-T-H-M. I tend to use that word a lot, but no matter how repeatedly I use it, I will never learn. . . .

4. Friday is World AIDS Day. Come to the JC Nichols Fountain between 4-5 or to Broadway Cafe that evening to show your support in the fight against AIDS.


amberburger said...

yeah moe blogging! yippe! umm...the gig is still on in Feb if you want to come! that would rock. I will be in KC on the 5th of Dec and tryin to see some peeps including YOU will you be therE? ive been meaning to hook you up with my cousin rob's music...i think you would love it. i mean i am sure i am a bit bias but he is pretty much amazing. you can hear it on myspace. he is in my top friends the name is balmorhea. you are great!