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Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Come to the ALTAR at YouthFront Camp South this weekend. Check out info and prices at www.youthfrontzone.com . Also, Don Chaffer is leading worship on Saturday night--it's only $5 at the door just for that. He's incredible and I am honored to have him at the Altar. Don't miss it--he doesn't show his face
too often anymore. ;)
Speaking of incredible people, check out Mike King's new book, "Presence-Centered Youth Ministry." Of course, I'll say more about that later. . .in the meantime, I better go listen to some old Waterdeep tunes.
Above photo: Inside the old cellar at YouthFront Camp South--one of the most beautiful and secluded "Sacred Spaces."


gavin richardson said...

this sounds very cool, but i should probably pass. thanks for showing us around today (yesterday). much appreciated. shalom, -g