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I can see a lot of life in you

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sunday night I went to St. Louis to see Sufjan Stevens and My Brightest Diamond. It was strangely refreshing and enlightening. So many days prior had brought a lot of confusion, wandering, depressing, and stress. And after the four hour drive that proved to be the same, suddenly I found myself soaking up this experience of performance art and life without a thought of frustration or anxiety. It was as if I had been set free.
What is so beautiful, is that I have continued to feel that freedom. While most of the stress has returned with busyness, much of the sorrowful and depressive state seems to have passed.
While I won't attribute this to Sufjan himself, I am so glad that the music and experience of the evening brought me such peace.
Now, listen!


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