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Posted by Anonymous Friday, June 23, 2006

As I go through my days, the reel of my mind scrolls from frame to frame, capturing memories, capturing moments. They seem strangely independent—thoughts on my present setting of trees and freshman, flowing straight into images of the movement and life of Hong Kong, my brief yet significant former dwelling, and even so onto moments of longing for my new community of saints that surround me in the city I now call home. Still, I am fully aware that these moments are not detached, that though they all reign from very diverse seasons of my life, they all pour into one stream that rushes to the rhythm of truth, of mercy, of love.

I find myself echoing Anne Lamott, an author who communicates the beauty of real life, when she says that the two best prayers she knows are “Help me, help me, help me” and “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” In this movement from notion to notion, in each thought I find myself needing an incredible amount of help, both from God and from the surrounding community. Likewise, my moments are permeated with an inexpressible gratitude, saying thank you for this place where I am, even though sometimes it’s hard and undesirable. Thank you for taking me around the world, to encounter and understand the beauty of culture and language and religion. Thank you for every conversation, every late night, every touch that has refreshed my soul in my present age.

May these prayers form the song that themes my journey. May the rhythmic tides of moments open my eyes to the love and mercy of the One I follow. And may we all flow in the same current, in a thousand sundry moments that somehow unite us together as we live and move to the same sweet-sounding rhythm.