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Nickel Creek

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, April 15, 2006

I saw Nickel Creek last night at Liberty Hall--went with Rachel Bonar and friends. . my mom came too which was pretty sweet. Certainly she'll be more inspired to learn her new cello. I know I am more inspired in my mandolin endeavors. It was pretty sweet that after an unbelievable show, they played for another half hour on the sidewalk, unplugged, for all the fans wanting more. Who knew a bluegrass who could be so entertaining! I mean--probably everybody knows that, but I was missin out. Also, they sang my fave Nickel Creek song of all time, "Reasons Why."
After, we went to Henri's Coffeeshop with Keith and Stephen and talked about vestibular physical therapy. What else? :)


josh said...

what? you were there? i took kristin to see them last night too. we were downstairs in the back right. it was great! where were you?

Kobosky262 said...

That is just so awesome! I love them. I am so glad you gotcha some good music before your trip to the Big City.