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Croc, Mexico

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Last week I was in Croc, Mexico (outside Monterrey) where YouthFront has a mission site. We have three full time staff members: Kurt & Emily Rietema, and Amber House who work and live down there most of the year round. Soon our full time staff there is going to increase by three of four staff members!
Highlights include..spending our days working hard--we had tons of fun building a house--everything from putting up walls to mixing cement, mudding, putting on the roof, to painting and presenting the final product to the future tenants. It was beautiful to see it all happen, and to see the deepest of gratitude in the eyes of the families who recieved the new home. And in that--to tell them that it is just as much, if not more, of a blessing for us as for them. What an awesome experience.
Living the story of Croc first hand was another tremendous blessing. This place and ministry is something I've both heard about and talked about for years (especially in the past 8 months since I've been on YF staff,) but I never truly knew what it was that I was describing. It was a huge encouragement to all of our staff to understand this major facet of our ministry.
Finally, the community experienced among the staff was so refreshing--for all of us, camp team, administrative staff, maintenance guys, leadership, etc, to all be together in one context, working for one goal, and growing together in that. Working hard, playing hard.
The Lord provided a depth of challenge and refreshment for me on this trip that I totally didn't expect--what an incredible place in Croc, and what incredible individuals who I am blessed to minister alongside of.
If you'd like to see some more pictures, you can visit Mike King's photo album from the trip: http://king.typepad.com/photos/croc_march_2006/index.html
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