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"Takk" = Thank You

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, February 23, 2006

Last night I joined a group of dear friends at the Uptown Theater to see Sigur Ros, native to Iceland. Notice here that the lead singer is playing his electric guitar with a bow. And that was just the beginning of the insanely incredible music and performance. Oh man check them out! You can listen and watch at http://www.sigurros.com/. Definitely up there in my best concerts of all time.
Which brings me to my next point--Sage and I were on the radio the other day. Because we're awesome and good looking.

Anyway, the show had unreal visual effects--it opened and closed with this silkscreen that cast all kinds of crazy shadows of the band members, had video images, insane lighting. . . unbelievable.
Lest I forget to mention their opening act, Amina, (who also play strings during Sigur Ros' set), used wine glasses and a saw as just a few of their many instruments.


josh said...

wow. man i am jealous. i wish i could have gone. i went to "the undertow orchestra"(SP?) the other day and saw david bazan (pedro the lion) and a few other guys play. it was very cool. are you going to the wilco show?