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Millenium Park & Mute Math (tho un-related)

Posted by Anonymous Friday, February 10, 2006

Here's matt and I standing in front of a giant mirror ball of sorts at Millenium Park in Chicago. How sweet is that. Last night I saw Mute Math in concert, and it was very possibly the most incredible small-venue rock show I've ever seen. So good I can't even talk about it anymore. So that's all. On my friend Nick's xanga (who talked me into going to the show...now I'm a believer) is a link to a video of their performance on one of the late-late shows. It's crazy. www.xanga.com/nick_pick00 (watch here)
www.myspace.com/mutemath (listen here)


josh said...


hey thanks alot for that mix cd.it may be the best mix cd evey. i had never heard of a few of thoes people (Amos Lee, Jose Gonzalez), and they are great! thanks again, i love hearing new music