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All things go, all things go.

Posted by Anonymous Monday, February 06, 2006

My friend Matt and I went to Chicago this weekend, where he was visiting Columbia College, and I was just having fun. I love Chicago. So much like Hong Kong, except more spread out and not quite as clean. (oh yeah, and less Chinese people.)
So on Sunday we had lunch with an old friend of Matt's, where the conversation really made me think. We spoke of the growing seasons of life, perhaps what it really feels like to come into "the real world." I think so many of us shift seasons and end up reacting to the past--whether to our faith upbringing, moral ideas, or things we've always been told--often we respond in a way that causes us to swing too far in one direction to extremes. As we grow, experience, fall, and learn, our pendulum swings back and forth and eventually comes closer to a truth-full balance. Balance is better than extremes....eh? What do you think about that?
I've recently balanced out in some areas--what will the next swing entail?
Coming soon...freaking sweet pictures from Chicago.

Oh yeah, and watch this:
(Bono speaks at National Prayer Breakfast..brilliant)