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free-style walking

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tonight as I walked into McCoy's with my friends for late night discounted ales (and BBQ Chicken pizza, the best in town) I thought it appropriate to enact some free-style walking. Next time you're walking down an un-crowded sidewalk, get crazy and jump up on the curb in a freeze-pose of your choice. Then do it again, but with a different pose--that's what makes it free-style. Maybe throw in a few spin moves (props to Melissa G). If I had a photograph to post this evening, it would be of Nathan Mees free-styling with what looked more like ballet moves than extreme-walking. He'll catch on. . .heh heh.
All to say, the one who educated me in the ways of this activity is Brian Rayburn, which brings me to my next point: got my plane ticket to Hong Kong. April 19-30. It couldn't come soon enough. ..


Your Daddy said...

i just let an audible laugh slip when reading your post...well done.

NPM said...

ballet?! well...at least i am graceful.