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The Didde Campaign

Posted by Anonymous Friday, January 06, 2006

I am petitioning for myself, to my former colleagues in Hong Kong, to choose me as a worship leader for their Spring Youth Retreat, which will provide for me a free plane ticket to HK this spring. Those who have already signed the petition include:
1. Brian Rayburn
2. Donald Tsang
3. Bono
4. my mom
5. Jackie Chan
You too can be a part of this great cause. Send me to HK! I dare you to email any of these guys:

oh man they're gonna kill me...... ;)


josh said...

hey if you need anyone to carry some bags while (if) your there, i have two great arms that would love to go. the only catch is my torso, legs, and head would demand to go to.

good luck my friend

Tim said...

Dude...that would be cool! Hope Rayburn lets you come back...I'll let you know what we decide! I got about $20 HK that's all yours...babies are expensive!