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Overwhelmed with the best and the worst

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, December 04, 2005

On the weekend: 3 things...
1. I drove to Springfield to attend an art gallery opening for one of my closest friends, Sage Chettle (who's moving to KC in 2 weeks!). Having journeyed through some of the deepest and hardest things in life with Sage over the years, on both our parts, I was overwhelmed to walk into this gallery with so much unbelievable artwork reflecting so much of that journey. I am so proud of her, and amazed by her. She has spoken so much truth into my life, and i know she always will. Her work is different than anything anyone's ever done, and carries more meaning than I can express. I was refreshed to spend time viewing her work, and listening to her reflect on it. Inasmuch pain and uncomfortability as the images expressed, they demanded my attention in a way that caused me to stay there and look, listen, interpret, again and again. If yo'ure in Springfield this week, her show is open tuesday and wednesday from 12-5 at the MSU Student Exhibition Center.
2. I am hurting this weekend for some of my dearest friends, who have been more than let down by spiritual leaders in their lives...a let down I cannot comprehend, nor express here. One of them wrote this in regards to it:
I was wrong about many things, but the Grace of God is quick to fall on the penitent. I can even renounce the thoughts, beliefs, and vows I've made about some things over the last couple years, but I have to repent. -and I have to say, "I'm sorry..." The Scripture tells us to seek the Kingdom of God first, and I've not got the love to do what I said I'll do, and I don't have the skin to keep falling everytime I think I've found Jesus in some inner room.
Just give me Jesus in the sky, stars, hearts, and hopes. I must know this God that is so mysterious but loves me enough to let me fall down...again and again. I don't want the voice, I'd rather obey what the Word says. I just need Jesus, I need to be like him, love like him, pray like him, and do the Gospel. I don't know what I thought I did, but I believe He's still real. I hope to see someday, but I feel blind at the moment. Rather than sink and suffocate, I cannot think of a better homage to Grace than to extend it to someone else. As far as that goes, I can be certain it's time to re-examine what True Religion is according to James.
Above all else, I can't see, I can't hear, but I must have Jesus.

I never cease to be amazed at how those who are "supposed" to be the most trustworthy and accountable can make such wretched decisions. So I stand with my friend; I must have Jesus.
3. On a lighter note, I threw my first dinner party last night since I've lived in KC, MO, and it was a hit. 8 of the most important individuals in my life were in my home all at once, and it could not have been more of a blessing. So I am reminded by Shayne at Jacob's Well tonight--may we never cease to recall all the good things the Lord has done for us in the past, all the saints he has placed in our lives, and may we expect Him to continue to do so.


NPM said...
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NPM said...

Thank you for a great evening on Saturday. We will return in due time.

Went to the Broadway Cafe Sunday. Amazing.

nick pick said...

heya moe! good post, m'lady. really good stuff.