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Mmm goi!

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm missing it. I go through phases where its absence intensifies and I can not believe that I am here and not there. Inasmuch as there were days I would give anything to have my own car, now I experience the opposite--if only to walk out my door and jump in a cab, or on the DB ferry, or the M590 bus, the MTR (subway), with my headphones on, my coffee from Pacific Coffee Co., and the Asian version of USA today that I would buy for $10HKD from the newstand at the ferry pier. And every day feeling a little guilty for not buying the South China Morning Post instead. :) This was every day. And I loved it.
So as Kate & Amanda would say as an expression of frustration, trying so hard to use their Cantonese: "Mmm goi!", which actually is not an expression of frustration at all, but it was cute when they tried, and now it replays in my head.


Anonymous said...

yeah, that's right. i'll read your blog, comment even, but i just can't seem to call...
call me?
i need your wisdom, sister.
kneel for me?
sarah ruth

Kristin said...

Hey Girl!
I can't wait to hang out with you! Let's hang in KC...

Later gator

sadie said...

i'm right there with you. all weekend in NYC i was staring and gawking...only to be reminded of the life i had in HK and how much i miss the ambience and intensity of it all. i love you girl. call soon so we can miss HK together :)