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Love and Peace or Else

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, December 17, 2005

"Love and Peace or Else" has become one of my fave u2 songs. (This pic is actually from the show I was at)...it was my favorite part of the show both nights--Larry came out on the ellipse and played this bass drum during the song, then at the bridge he snuck back to the drum set while Bono picked up the sticks and beat the hell out it until all the rest of the music had died down. He creates such a strong presence in this moment, it creates a true sense of fear of what that "or else" might be. This is also the point where he put the bandana on his head that says "COEXIST," including the symbols of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. They have a bit of a political/social justice set, during which Bono points at the symbols on his forehead, singing "Jesus, Jew, Mohammad is true," over and over.
One of my other faves was "Where the Streets Have No Name." of course. The light show during this song included pictures of flags from all different countries. I cried.
Truly though, "Vertigo" was my best moment. The name of this blog is from the chorus of that song, and I think every lyric is thoroughly brilliant and relevant. When Bono sang the most intense part of the song where he sings "Your love is teaching me how to kneel", he was standing on the catwalk right next to us. What a moment!
Okay....I'm done. Maybe.
Congratulations to my friend Michael, the last of my college buds to graduate, after a fruitful 7 years @ SBU.


Kristin said...

that's it! we ARE hanging out. if we don't, i'm not marrying josh. that's all there is to it.